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Since moving to Wisconsin I’ve lived in two extremes: out in the country and down in the city.

My husband had already been living in the City of Milwaukee’s East Side neighborhood for a year when I moved into his place: an Art Deco building along Lake Michigan that’s a stop on architectural walking tours.

If you could float high above our building and look down, you would see that it’s shaped like a capital “I” with serifs. On the upper floors, where we live, this means that you can see Lake Michigan from each unit, no matter which side of the building you live on.

Our view is from our dining room, framed by three neighboring buildings: one to the left, one to the right, and one below. I look out at the lake every single day. Its characteristics can change sometimes several times in one day, along with the landscape, the sky, the light. It’s like a perpetually changing work of art.

I started taking pictures of Lake Michigan, framed by the same three buildings, about eight years ago, year round. I have a few hundred now. Here are forty of them. Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful! I am green with envy. My favorite house in Milwaukee is the one at the foot of Back Bay St, north of Lafayette and south of Villa Terrace–the one that seems to cling to the edge of the cliff. I often dream of living there, spending my days and nights studying the changing aspect of the lake.

  2. Love these photos not only because they are beautiful and you took them, but because that view is a part of my DNA. I can hear, smell, feel everything. My father used to race yachts on the lake every weekend when I was a kid…and as an adult, I walked along the lake every day. It always renewed my soul.
    Thanks for sharing these Robin.

  3. Didn’t know that about your dad, Judy. Thanks so much for your post, love it.

  4. Nice work on the photo’s “same place but forever changing”. Well captured. Brings back memories over looking the lake back when I lived in Disco Wisco.

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