14 MAR 14

Last year, my papa requested a hyperlinked table of contents so that he could more easily access my stories about our family on his phone and tablet, rather than having to scroll and scroll for them.

Once he explained it to me I thought it was a very good idea, so here it is. Maybe you’ll want to use it too?

P.S. Some of the images in older stories are in disarray after migrating to a new server. They are in the process of being restored.


The road to everything : Seeing where I was born for the first time in my adult life

OnMilwaukee.com: “26 blocks on Lincoln Avenue” : A nice long walk from S. 32nd to S. 5th and back
OnMilwaukee.com: “Goodbye, Mr. Morris” : The father of one of my students dies suddenly and tragically
The place where you were born : An upcoming trip to France, where I was born and my father was stationed in the USAF
OnMilwaukee.com: “A love affair with a library” : My favorite branch of the Milwaukee Public Library
OnMilwaukee.com: “Moving from the East Side to the West Allis” : Culture shock with some good trade-offs
When someone you know isn’t who you thought they were : Some things I googled


Robin Graham on OnMilwaukee.com : “Bradford Beach in the wintertime,” my second essay for OnMilwaukee.com
A love letter to Milwaukee : This one got me a gig writing “Living” essays for OnMilwaukee.com
Things learned on a trip to Cleveland : Just when you think you know everything
Three brothers : A girl is lucky to have one great brother. I have three.
Bye-bye, East Side : After living in this downtown Milwaukee neighborhood for twelve years, John and I moved out
A class reunion in the social media age : Trying to decide whether to go to my high school reunion or not


Literature in pop culture: “The Awakening” : Carmela Soprano visits Paris
The friends who betray : Dedicated to those who’ve ever been double-crossed—pretty much all of us
Dear Rose : A story about my paternal grandmother
“Hustle & Flow” and the writing process : How I use the film in my English classroom
The places you can never go to again : Looking up my grandparents’ house on Google Earth
Sidewalk Series, 1 / 2013 – 1 / 2014 [PHOTO GALLERY] : Pictures of things I find on City of Milwaukee sidewalks


Christmases past : A friend’s Facebook post spurred me to think of my best and worst Christmases
Three record albums and a lake : Listening to CDs of three albums I had when I was young
Slow no more : Broke up with my old Web host
Mother : On the second anniversary of my mom’s death
Throwing open the curtains and windows : Growing a bean plant; interviewing a young mother with cancer
OG (original girl) time : Craving (and loving) time with my girlfriends


Smoke on the water : Winter 2013 had a spectacular effect on Lake Michigan, picture-wise
Writing the five-paragraph argumentative essay : Unleashing my students on their final project of the semester
When someone you love dies suddenly : Dedicated to Greg on the third anniversary of his death
“Wall of immunities” : Returning to teaching after a year of living in my cave
A new roof in December : Just when we were settling down for a quiet winter
Welcome, New York Times readers : The story I was interviewed for ran today


My gal Sal : Friends since fifth grade
Bye-bye, gym : I’m bored
The last day of 2012 : Looking back on one of the best years of my life
A most unexpected Christmas present : A relative of my first-grade teacher contacts me
The guys who are creepy : The title speaks for itself
Lake Michigan from our place, Pt. 2 [PHOTO GALLERY] : Views of the lake, all framed the same way


Sidewalk Series, Pt. 3 [PHOTO GALLERY] : Pictures of things I find on City of Milwaukee sidewalks
The hell outta Dodge : A road trip makes me realize how cooped up in the city I’ve been
A love affair with music : Been digging music all my life
All saints and souls : Building an ofrenda in honor of those I love who’ve died
In the fog : Milwaukee is the damn foggiest place
More walks through woods : Hiking along the Milwaukee River


Personal brands: yes? no? never-ever? : I’m not buying it
At the farm : Getting ready for the farmers market one week after my mother died
When you know you’re from somewhere else : My Galluci spices from Cleveland are almost gone
We have met Big Brother and he is us : Cell phone cameras and screenshots keeping it real
The friends that come and go : Here for a reason, a season, or a lifetime
Sidewalk Series, Pt. 2 [PHOTO GALLERY] : Pictures of things I find on City of Milwaukee sidewalks


Adiós, Summer : A loud, jumbled-up season, with some intensely bright spots
At the Laundromat : If I could own one, I’d do it in a second
Going fishing : Taking a little break for music, paying work, and my man
Steal Like an Artist, Pt. 3 : “Side projects and hobbies are important”
A ride in a tow truck : After my motorcycle broke down near Green Bay
Thanks, but no thanks : A reply to Dustin, who made a curious comment on my Sybaris essay


Books, blogs & my love affair with a bookstore : A resource list
On the Badger Bus and in the woods : Meeting artist and activist Paul Zasadny

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