For the 2015-16 academic year, I have accepted a position as adjunct instructor, English & Writing, at Carroll University, a liberal arts college in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It is a beautiful campus. I teach first-year Writing Seminar there.

In October 2014 I began working as a K-12 substitute teacher at Milwaukee private and public charter, choice, and religious schools, mostly in the inner city. After finishing a six-week gig at a K-8 charter school in the Harambee neighborhood this past fall (their fourth-grade teacher went to India to get married), the school asked me to stay another four weeks. I finished out the school year at a charter school on 38th and North Avenue as lead teacher, K5.

When I graduated from Marquette University in with an MA in English in 2009, I went to work right away teaching at Bryant & Stratton College in Milwaukee.

  • For four semesters I taught Pre-College English to first-semester students, Research & Writing I to first- and second-semester students, and Public Speaking & Rhetorical Persuasion to third-semester students.
  • In 2011 I took a year and a half break to launch my website and begin writing personal essays.
  • I taught at BSC again Winter Semester 2013 through Spring Semester 2014. Same classes.
  • March 14 through September 6, 2014, I worked as test center coordinator at Bryant & Stratton, administering and proctoring the TEAS nursing entrance exam, COMPASS reading comprehension exam, and Accuplacer Math and English placement exams.

My very first teaching gig began while working in my first career – retail buying and management – when I took a part-time job teaching at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Lakewood, Ohio, in the fashion merchandising program.

  • I taught there for seven years.
  • I became head of the fashion merchandising department and held that position for four years.
  • Within the program I taught Introduction to Fashion, Textiles, History of Costume, Management, Advertising & Promotion, and Retail Math.
  • Being a department head also permitted me to teach general studies courses such as Accounting, Economics, and Speech.
  • The student body was small and diverse. In addition to Fashion Merchandising, students could also major in Fashion, Interior, and Graphic Design.
  • Virginia Marti Veith herself was, and still is, a clothing and fabric designer.





  1. Hey Professor Graham!

    Not sure if you’d remember me but I was in your ENG199 at Carroll University a few years ago. I couldn’t find your email and wasn’t able to access my Carroll email so hopefully this reaches you! I was simply looking for a past assignment that I completed. However, as it is a shot in the dark since it was years ago. Feel free to email with any concerns or questions, but hope all is well with you!

    Kyle Harazin

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