Was all set to attend Gravity Marketing’s Coffee Connection this morning, but a project beckons–input I’d requested from three different subject matter experts suddenly came through this week and so I am at my desk writing the next drafts of two stories about a global lead-acid battery recycling program. Pretty cool stuff, actually, and I admire my client for instituting it. So the party rages on at Gravity without me, but a) I need to take care of my client; b) the project needs to keep moving; and c) it’d be better to show up to the party with new business cards in hand, which are being printed as we speak and include the URL for this site. In the meantime: Gravity Marketing’s Coffee Connection is the fourth Friday of every month, 7:30-9:30 a.m. CT. It is open to business and creative people, most of whom have passkeys to the firm’s coffeehouse space (like me) and may use it to work and/or meet with clients free of charge; I occasionally meet with the Milwaukee Writers Workshop and have attended an MCA-I meeting there. Gravity Marketing is a B2B marketing firm in Milwaukee, located on the edge of the Third Ward, and the host of Coffee Connection, featuring delicious Stone Creek Coffee.

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