I edit all sorts of text:  scripts, print, Web, and books. I also proofread.


Rates are based on four levels, depending on what you need, which I determine after reviewing your text (free of charge) and making a recommendation:

• Proofreading: Correcting mechanics errors (spelling and punctuation) and typos

• Standard editing: Correcting grammar and mechanics errors, and typos

• Substantial editing: Polishing the piece. Includes revising (“making changes to”) the text by rewriting to improve style, syntax, and logic, as well as correcting grammar and mechanics errors, and typos.

• Structural editing: Making considerable revisions (“changes”) to the piece. Paragraphs may be moved to improve flow. Content may be reorganized and heads/subheads added. Gaps in content are identified, which either I complete or I notify the author/subject matter expert so he/she can complete. Content that is redundant or unneeded is trimmed or deleted.

To request samples or to check rates and availability, please use my contact form.



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