Found out about Evernote, a free app that “allows you to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see,” from a colleague a few weeks ago (quote from Evernote site). Anyone who has come up with a great line of dialogue or an idea for a client thinking “Oh, I’ll remember it later” knows the pain of having lost them when later comes. I installed the app on my iPhone last week, and today installed the application on my MacBook Pro. Whatever notes I make, whatever scenes I write, whatever sound or images I record on my iPhone now automatically/simultaneously sync to and show up on my laptop. Had been using Notes on iPhone and emailing them to myself for use and safekeeping, but this is slick. Will need to spend more time with it to become a diehard fan, but so far things are looking good. To check out Evernote, visit the App Store or the company Web site and look for the little green elephant. Have fun with this one.

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